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Okay, so not everything here is related to the concertina, but I think it's all great stuff, and if you order by following these links, a small portion of every sale will go to help support this web site, so everything here actually is related (at least indirectly) to the concertina after all!

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I really do sincerely appreciate the support, so thanks!


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john williams Raven
Raven, John Williams
The latest from well-known Concertina and Accordion player John Williams.

Steam, John Williams
Another from well-known multi-instrumentalist John Williams.

Forty Years of Irish Piping, Seamus Ennis
A classic. Ennis was a great influence on Noel Hill and his style and repertoire. Don't miss this new CD release.

Kerry Fiddles, O'Keefe/Murphy/Clifford
Very famous Kerry fiddlers. All were recommended listening by Noel Hill at his course in '98. Recorded by Seamus Ennis!

The Minstrel from Clare, Willie Clancy
This one shouldn't need any introduction. A huge name in the tradition.

In Knocknagree, Noel Hill & Tony MacMahon
Excellent concertina and accordion by two masters... I love this CD!

Sunny Spells And Scattered Showers, Solas
When they still had John Williams, on concertina and accordion. Superb and very lively and energetic renditions of many traditional tunes. Powerful stuff! Incredible musicianship.

The Words That Remain, Solas
Excellent musicianship, varied selection of tunes, and great production.

The Truth of a Woman
The Truth of a Woman, Kristina Olsen
Superb music by an extremely talented singer, songwriter, guitarist, and english concertina player.
Duet, Kristina Olsen
More fine music and song by our friend Kristina!

John Kirkpatrick, Force Of Habit

The Wind Among the Reeds, Tommy Keane & Jacqueline McCarthy
Pipes and anglo concertina. I like both instruments, and I like this recording.

Garden of Butterflies, Jody's Heaven
Excellent fiddle and guitar, and of course our comrade Jack Gilder on anglo concertina.

Music of Dreams
More excellent accordion and concertina by Noel Hill and Tony MacMahon. Noel plays his famous Bucks of Oranmore on this one -- amazing! A must-buy.

Chieftains; Collection: The Very Best of the Claddagh Years.
I love the old Chieftains stuff. Timeless.

The Bothy Band; 1975: The First Album
Wow, another classic from the Good Old Days.

Another Bothy Band recording:
BBC Radio One: The Bothy Band Live In Concert
You've got to hear the pipe solo by Paddy Keenan composed of the jig "Garret Barry's" and the reel "The Bucks of Oranmore."

John Williams
I finally got around the buying this CD and it's great! I actually prefer his accordion-playing on this recording, but he plays a fine concertina too and the music and accompaniment is all first-class. A must have for the concertina fan, and only $13 at, so what are you waiting for?!?

Sound & Spirit: Welcoming Children Into The World
No concertina on this one (as far as I know) but my family loves this one. Super selection of songs from around the world, and I'm not a very sentimental guy, but if you have kids, some of these are sure to make you all teary-eyed. I love the french song "C'est la vie" -- be sure to check out the sound clip.

From the Beginning: The Chieftains 1 to 4 (Box Set)
A box set of the first four Chieftains recordings. Great gift idea. These were (like for many people) at least partially responsible for my "discovery" of traditional Irish music. Full of passion, energy, life and creativity.


Concertina and How to Play It
Check out David Wallace's review of this book on this site.

Handbook for Anglo-Chromatic Concertina reader Matthew Soane says of this and the Handbook for English Concertina: "...There is very little tuition in them! Really there are just a few pages of excercises and chord charts - and that's it!!! The rest of the book is made up of a dozen or so tunes... I wouldn't recommend the Watson books at all. I cannot see how I would have made any progress with them. In fact I suspect I would have given up!"

Apparently the Butler tutor for the English (out of print, but still available from some speciality shops) is the one to get.

Handbook for English Concertina
See the note at left. Avoid at all costs.


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